Our goal is to partner with churches and leaders in helping children to discover and maintain a personal and authentic relationship with God. We desire to mentor and encourage today's leaders to be the best they can be in teaching and leading children in their walk with Jesus!


Our areas of expertise include:

Leader/teacher trainings - Teachers can become very frustrated without the proper training. We will help give your leaders and teachers the confidence to be their best in the classroom.


Team building - A fabulous team can make amazing things happen! If you aren't working with a team then you need to be. Staci and Becky will help you build your team, utilize them effectively, and wonder why you didn't do it earlier. 


Recruiting and keeping volunteers - Ideas will be given to help you find and keep the awesome volunteers you need to make your kid's ministry successful!


Sunday morning experience evaluation/assessment - Sunday mornings are typically the time for kids ministry to shine. Becky and Staci will provide feedback, ideas, and assessments that will help enhance your kids and parents' church experience. 


Kidmin facility evaluation/child safety - Risk management assessment and/or training to make sure your volunteers, church, and kids are as safe as possible. 


Brainstorming and troubleshooting - It often helps to get outside input to see things differently. We will help you find the answers you need for your individual situations.


Pre-teen programming - It is exciting to see kids grow and develop into the students God desires them to be. We will help provide you with ideas to keep your pre-teens connected and engaged in church life as they transition into youth.


Nursery programming - New parents want to have a safe, clean, and welcoming place for their children. We will help give creative insights into your set-up, policies, and procedures. 


Curriculum assessment - Evaluation of what you are currently using with recommendations.


Creative teaching ideas - Creativity is just a natural part of kids ministry. We will share new ideas, resources, and help encourage your own creative juices.


Mentoring leadersDirect access to Staci & Becky in the form of...

  • Emails
  • Phone/skype conference calls
  • Texting
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Training and accountability
  • Personal encouragement and prayer


And more! - Staci and Becky can create a tailored package that will help meet your church's personal needs. Simply provide topics you would like to have covered.

Give us a call to schedule a time so we can assist you with your Kids Ministry.

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